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Speculative fiction writer, wife, mum, gamer, and adventure seeker who just wants some sleep. She lives in sunny Queensland, but often fantasises about snow capped mountains in cooler climates.

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After the End: Apocalyptic and Dystopic Futures Workshop

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 by Sarah Hegerty

On the weekend I ventured out to my first writing workshop and I loved it. It was called 'After the End: Apocalyptic and Dystopic Futures' and was presented by James Bradley, an Australian author and critic. The workshop was hosted by Queensland Writers Centre who provide resources for writers in Queensland. It's only my first workshop, but if all the others put on by Queensland Writers Centre are like this one, then I highly recommend them.  I can at least recommend any workshops done by James Bradley, he was amazing!  I will definitely be signing up for more workshops in the future.

I found the workshop super helpful in relation to writing dystopic and post-apocalyptic stories (my favourites), including techniques for world building, plot development, and character development. All stuff I will be able to apply to my current WIP and any future WIPs I am working on.  I have to admit, I am a little bit excited at the prospect of being able to use this stuff, and that it sort of gave me a way to systematically do some of the stuff I had been doing in a less structured way before.  I can't wait to see how it works for me.

After attending the workshop, I feel invigorated. It has reignited my desire to write every single day.  It has reminded me how much I not only love to write stories, but love to learn.  I think writing is something where you can always learn more and continue to improve, both a daunting and exciting thought.  I feel like the ideas are flowing more freely and I am in a better headspace.

The other bonus to attending the workshop is I have added many books to my reading list.  It's always good to have a bottomless pile of books to read, just in case.  You never know what kind of future is just around the corner, do you?