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Speculative fiction writer, wife, mum, gamer, and adventure seeker who just wants some sleep. She lives in sunny Queensland, but often fantasises about snow capped mountains in cooler climates.

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NYC Midnight Flash Fiction 2022 Round 2

The second round was much the same as the first in constraints. 48 hours to write 1000 words. This time I got Spy genre, set on a Freighter, and I had to include a flame thrower. I don't really read a lot of spy books, either, it turns out. I think what I wrote may have been based on experiences from watching Burn Notice and MIB. The story I wrote is called Crisis Control. Secret agents infiltrate a freighter in the pacific ocean to perform an extraction after a distress beacon is triggered by a refugee in a protection program gone wrong. Failure could cause war to break out.

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