Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy

A collection of fantasy stories to transport you to magical destinations, each brimming with unique twists, from sword and sorcery to unearthly tales and legends. You'll find high fantasy, urban fantasy and even paranormal mysteries. Spend some time with elves, fairies, pixies, shapeshifters and even a yowie.

My short story, The Six, is published in this anthology  alongside 16 other Australian authors.  

The Six

The Spell Weavers of The Six are among the most revered of the elves. Respected. No matter their blood-line heritage. As a half-blooded elf, Milvyre has spent her whole life struggling to find a place in the world, never truly accepted by the elves or humans. She has never known respect. Never belonged.

Until she becomes one of the Chosen.

But will it be everything she hoped for?