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Speculative fiction writer, wife, mum, and adventure seeker who just wants some sleep. She lives in sunny Queensland, but often fantasises about snow capped mountains in cooler climates.

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Random Story Time - Second Attempt

Sunday, May 15, 2022 by Sarah Hegerty

Last month I decided to enter a 100-word micro fiction competition and I won't find out until next month if I have made it through the first round or not. My expectations are low considering I have hardly any experience with such economical fiction, but I did it more to challenge myself to actually finish something and for the feedback. I'll put the story up on here once the results are out either way because it was pretty random and fun to write.

I have also entered a 1000-word short story competition happening next month, so that should be interesting. Hopefully I can finish a story that makes some sort of sense. 1000 words is a lot more than 100.

Anyway, on the off chance I make it through the first round and into the second round and have to write another 100 word story, I thought I'd have a crack at another one as my randomly generated story prompt.

Here we go.

Attempt number two.

Write a 100-word story in the science fiction genre. It's about a thin baker and should include a remote control. Also use the sentence 'You shouldn't have heard that.' Bonus prompt: There is a great storm.

On this one, it's exactly 100 words, and I managed to work in all aspects of the prompt, yay! For some reason, this prompt gave me Sweeney Todd vibes.

Moon Pies

“Great Sparks!” Aston watches the approaching solar storm.

My stomach flips. This Lunar Station all that stands between us and molecular obliteration. A destruction much like Barney demolishing one of Aston’s Moon Pies. Explains Aston being thin.

“I never seen you eat these.”

Aston reaches for the remote control for the mincer. “I enjoy making them for everyone else.”

“You need to eat too.”

He smirks. “I’m more of a vegetarian.” Hits the on button.

A blood curdling scream comes from the mincer.

It sounds eerily like Barney. “What the hell?”

Aston’s smirk turns ominous. “You shouldn’t have heard that.”