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Speculative fiction writer, shift-worker, wife, mum, and adventure seeker who just wants some sleep.

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Extended Leave

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 by Sarah Hegerty

First, for anyone who actually reads this, apologies for the extended absence. It’s not just my website, I’ve been quiet on social media too. Life became overwhelmingly busy for a time. I guess that happens when you have a family and you’re trying to work two full-time jobs (one an unpaid labour of love)—not to mention niggling health issues.

After an epic fall down a flight of stairs at work two years ago I had to accept the terrible fact I'm not invincible. I broke nothing, so I assumed after the bruises healed I’d be fine. Like the protagonist in any story, right? Unfortunately, I wasn’t as fine as I thought which resulted in several chronic issues hampering my efforts to become active again and much of my adventure seeking taking a hiatus. Devastating, I know! But it could have been worse.

The upside is I had to focus on exercising my mind more than my body, which meant more time writing, to a point where I even took it seriously. I was over the moon when I finished the draft of my first novel (and the next eight drafts when I realised how terrible the first ones were). But it was nothing compared to finding out I was getting a short story published in an Anthology. That was both joy and terror, mixed in the bowels of a beast and regurgitated. Others would be able to read my work.

It made me realise I’d wanted other people to read my work all along—and enjoy it (obviously!). So now I chase publication, and I know the only way to achieve it is through perseverance, even then it’s not guaranteed. With nothing to lose and everything to gain I might as well try.

I’m in the fortunate position where I’ve given over ten years of myself to the same organisation, which means I have long service leave. Now I’m using it it to focus on what is important in my life; my health, my family and my writing (and sleep!). Some serious R&R. Time will tell how successful I am, so keep watching this space.

The current situation in writing news is that I’m getting two more short stories published next year. Exciting! I’ve sent my post-apocalyptic fantasy novel manuscript to an editor and now I’m working through the recommended changes to make the story great before anyone else reads it. When I get through working on this novel, I have ideas and outlines for other science-fiction and fantasy stories. I can’t wait to work on them to the same extent as my first novel—addictive this novel writing business is.

At least for me, writing is my happy place, even on days when it’s hard. No matter what happens, I get to do something I love.

And I’ll try to update my blog occasionally. Promise.