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Speculative fiction writer, wife, mum, gamer, and adventure seeker who just wants some sleep. She lives in sunny Queensland, but often fantasises about snow capped mountains in cooler climates.

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NYC Midnight Rhyming Story Challenge 2022

This year NYC Midnight introduced a new challenge. The Rhyming Story Challenge. So, armed with the knowledge I am terrible at poetry, I thought, why not have a crack at it anyway. All feedback is good feedback, right? I ended up getting one of my favourite genres, but I was unable to flip the theme and emotion into something left of centre enough to stand out from from the crowd to place in the named top 12 for this one, but I did get some awesome, useful feedback. I was handed, Science Fiction, with the theme of 'adrift' and the emotion 'insignificant'. The story I wrote was called The Repair - A ship drifts through space with the last survivors from Earth on it. An unskilled repairer is tasked with fixing the hull to save them all before time runs out.

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